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Retirement Party

4 Hour Event

Dinner Buffet

Fresh Fruit, Mixed Greens Salad with Dressings,

Italian Pasta Salad, Bakery Fresh Rolls and Butter,

Steamed Fresh Vegetables, Roasted Redskin Potatoes, Browned Rice,

Penne with Marinara, Romano Meatballs, Roasted Sirloin of Beef Au Jus,

Chicken Strips in Garlic-Wine Sauce.

Lemon Crusted Haddock or Sausage and Peppers (choose 1)

Smoked Pit Ham or Roasted Loin with Stuffing (choose 1) 

***Other entrees available for substitution.

***For Chef carved meats add $1 per person. 

Event Cake

Continuous Soda, Water, Iced Tea, Lemonade

Coffee, Tea, Decaf Service 

Color Coordinated Linens

Add cash or tab bar $1 per person

Add unlimited draft beer $5 per person

Add unlimited beer and wine $8 per person

Add premium open bar for $14 per person

Add beer by the pitcher $15 each

Add wine by full garage $19 each

Add Champagne toast $2 per person

Add non-alcoholic toast $1 per person


$36.99/per person

*Tax Included

*Prices are based on 30+ guests and are guaranteed upon booking.

Children (2-10) are $13.00 with at least 30 adults

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